Oh, Operator!

Oh, Operator! follows the story of Connie Winters as we watch her determination and passion for her career for show business grow. As she faces obstacles and experiences heartbreak, we watch her learn that as humans, we cannot give up – only grow up. Set in 1953, and narrated by the dynamic duo of two telephone operators, Oh, Operator! is a fun, family-friendly show with upbeat music accompanied with both heart wrenching and heart warming moments.

Oh, Operator! was produced in 2014 by Applause Theatrical School and Theater Company at Applause Theater; book, music, lyrics, and directed by Cat Reynolds.

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The Good Company

The Good Company

It’s 1969, but don’t tell The Good Company that. Stuck in their world of sock hops, poodle skirts, and pastels, The Good Company, a televised variety show, has finally gotten the opportunity to be primetime TV! However, when the grim reality of the Vietnam War sets in, The Good Company’s perfect bubble is popped, and the members must make a decision between their fame or their desire to protest the draft lottery. Riddled with broken hearts, devious little girls, and an escaped draft victim, The Good Company is a fun, touching musical you won’t want to miss!

The Good Company was produced in 2015 by Christian Youth Theater Northwest at Applause Theater; book, lyrics, and directed by Cat Reynolds, music by Cason Day, choreography by Asia Kreitz.

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Watch a clip from The Good Company here…


SONY DSCGroup follows the story of six teenagers who attend a support group for high school students with depression. As their relationships grow, their stories unfold and we learn about their past and see their future. A confrontational story about hope, happiness, and health, Group is a show addressing the depression epidemic among adolescents, and breaks the silence.

Group has won the 2014 VSA Playwright Discovery Competition, the 2014 Texas Thespians MusicalWorks! competition, and the 2015 National MusicalWorks! competition.

A reading of Group, presented as “The Sessions,” was performed in 2014 at Main Street Crossing in Tomball, TX.

Group has been produced by Cypress Ranch High School at Cypress Academy for Performing Arts as well as at the 2015 National Thespian Festival.

Book, music, and lyrics by Cat Reynolds, arranged by Cason Day.

Watch a clip of the song, ‘Beautiful,’ from Group, sung by Grace Whaley…

Watch a clip of the song, ‘Nothing,’ from Group, sung by Rebekah Stanley…

The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships

The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships (TFTLATS) is a song cycle about the characters of Ancient Greece. Let the muses lull you into this world of monsters, heroes, and gods, and discover new takes on the stories of Medusa, Andromeda, Atlas, and others.

TFTLATS was performed in 2015 at Main Street Crossing in Tomball, TX; book and lyrics by Cat Reynolds, music by Cason Day.

Watch a clip of ‘The Siren Song,’ from TFTLATS, sung by Bethany Eggleston, Ashlyn Maddox, and Emily Deragon from our sound check here…


42! is an original musical following the story of eight young patients in a hospital’s pediatric ward and the journey of one girl grasping at immortality. Amara, affected by Chagas disease and an enlarged heart, is obsessed with preserving her legacy, terrified of dying. Inspired by her love of literature, Amara writes a play for the other patients to perform as something that will outlive her. Joined by a cast of colorful characters we are taken through a journey of suffering and discovery.

42! was performed in 2016 at Main Street Crossing in Tomball, TX; book and lyrics by Cat Reynolds, music by Gabe Goodman.

Watch a clip of a series of sample songs from 42! from our reading this summer here…

Featuring ‘Myra’s Prayer’, ‘No Rest for the Wicked,’ ‘Forgotten,’ ‘No One Else,’ and ‘Dollhouse,’ sung by Cassidy D’Agostino, Emily Deragon, Hailey Hughes, Danielle Kane, Carson Leonard, Ashlyn Maddox, Liam McGarity, Brendan Morrow, Oleode Oshotse, Courtlin Parisher, Morgan Simon, and Ryan Simon.