42! is an original musical following the story of eight young patients in a hospital’s pediatric ward and the journey of one girl grasping at immortality. Amara, affected by Chagas disease and an enlarged heart, is obsessed with preserving her legacy, terrified of dying. Inspired by her love of literature, Amara writes a play for the other patients to perform as something that will outlive her. Joined by a cast of colorful characters we are taken through a journey of suffering and discovery.

42! was performed in 2016 at Main Street Crossing in Tomball, TX; book and lyrics by Cat Reynolds, music by Gabe Goodman.

Watch a clip of a series of sample songs from 42! from our reading this summer here…

Featuring ‘Myra’s Prayer’, ‘No Rest for the Wicked,’ ‘Forgotten,’ ‘No One Else,’ and ‘Dollhouse,’ sung by Cassidy D’Agostino, Emily Deragon, Hailey Hughes, Danielle Kane, Carson Leonard, Ashlyn Maddox, Liam McGarity, Brendan Morrow, Oleode Oshotse, Courtlin Parisher, Morgan Simon, and Ryan Simon.


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